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professional legal information - Are you Overwhelmed with legal issues

Can't afford an attorney?

Most legal forms can be completed by a Legal Document Assistant.

Reasonable prices, professional service and reliable work are all a part of our mission to provide you excellent service.

The Self-Help Legal Information Network is a innovative legal information center networked with legal assistants and designed to promote self-help. The goal of our facility is to help the public obtain the information needed to make informed legal and non-legal decisions regarding their dilemma as well as complete simple legal forms and/or documents for people representing themselves in court.

Need to file or answer a Complaint? We have a network of legal assistants that can prepare your Civil Complaint or Response and assist in discovery as needed. Give us a call for more information and specials.

Family Law Issues? We have legal assistants who will prepare the legal forms in every aspect of your family law issue from start to finish.

Our legal service is networked with Legal Assistants and
service providers who offer the following services:

Answers to Complaints
Amending a Birth or Death Certificate
Child Custody / Visitation
Child Support and Calculation
Civil Complaints
Credit Corrections
Demand Letters
Divorce / Legal Separation / Annulment
Doing Business As (DBA) Formation
Enforcing Judgments
Evictions - Landlord / Tenant Issues
Legal Research
Living Trusts / Living Trusts
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Marriage Settlement Agreements

Modifications / Motions / OSC  
Name Changes / Paternity
Process Serving / Court Filing
Removing Judgments
Renewing Judgments
Restraining Orders / Civil Harassment
Self-Help / Do-It-Yourself Services
Setting Default Judgments Aside
Simple Adoptions
Small Claims / Motion to Vacate
Summary Dissolution (Divorce)
Termination Of Creditor Calls & Mail
Typed Documents / Forms / Petitions
Unlawful Detainer Responses
Wage Garnishments / Bank Levy
Writ of Executions

Have questions?  Need help?
Self-Help Legal Information Network Legal Information Center - Contact
Please contact our live customer support for any questions.
(310) 675-3863
Monday - Friday
(Pacific Time)

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